Color correctors what are those ? Why do I need it ?  What do they do? If you have been asking these questions it’s probably because you have been seeing marketing for this everywhere like I have or youtubers using bright colors to help “ Magically “ fix any of your problems.  If you’re confused or feeling overwhelmed by these products your seeing you are not alone. I am asked quite frequently about them, even while doing hair ! Color correcting products are very useful for us hair and makeup artists. After reading this blog you will be an expert on color correcting, and how to use them in your daily makeup routine .

What are color correctors? 

Color correcting products can be used in the makeup world and hair world. It all goes back to art class. In art you learn about the primary colors , secondary , and so on. You have probably even seen a color wheel at least once.  For hair coloring if you want to be a great colorist you must master the color wheel. Same with makeup , we need to know what your undertone is , what colors go well with those colors, and so on. Color correctors are a big trend right now in makeup.  The fact is that these products have been around , but havent been marketed as heavily or haven’t been so user friendly until now. Color correctors for makeup usually come in a concealer, or in a separate product such as a liquid, stick, or in a primer . 

Color correcting product colors and what they “correct”

  • Green – Helps tone down redness. 
  • Salmon ( pinky coral) – Helps tone down lavender, violet, and light blue. 
  • Orange – Helps tone down violet and blue. 
  • Yellow – Helps tone down lavender , and adds warmth.
  • Lavender – Helps tone down yellow . 

These colors above are usually what you would find pertaining to makeup. Have you also heard your hair stylist say they need to tone your hair/highlights?  They’re referring to color correcting an unwanted “tone” that may have come up in the normal lifting process that is highlights or hair color that you had previously that they need to “correct” to achieve the new color you discussed. 

How should I use them and when ?

For hair I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself. Always seek out a trained and licensed stylist. My hope is that this helps you understand what the heck your stylist is talking about when your in his/her chair.  Sometimes we forget that these are terms that generally only we hair and makeup artists use . 

For makeup there are a few ways you can utilize color correctors, but before I tell you how to use them beware of highly pigmented color correctors . The more sheer the product the better!  I am seeing constantly beauty gurus who use a tube of lipstick or straight dark green or orange, and I have noticed their makeup/skin looks muddy after wards. Or they put on a ton of full coverage products that would have hid the original problem without even needing the color corrector.

The whole point of them is to help you temporarily eliminate an unwanted tone without a ton of makeup.  If you like a full coverage look that’s great too! No need to really color correct as these full coverage products have enough pigment that 90 percent of the time covers the problem. But if you’re like me you want to wear less makeup ,and look refreshed, and like you have had plenty of sleep even if you haven’t. 

How to utilize a color corrector makeup product…..

  1. Toning down redness on your face before you apply your makeup.  In this case you would use green. Apply sparingly directly where the most redness is . Green based wands or liquids, and some primers are great for this.  If using a primer only use where the redness is NOT the whole face. 
  2. Helping tone down dark circles before concealer is applied.  Yellow , salmon , and orange based corrector products are great for this.  Refer to the list above on what shade is best. Personally I use a salmon or light orange / peach corrector for my under eyes.  I only place it right where I see purple discoloration . 
  3. Helping with covering age spots / dark spots. While these are not meant to cover dark spots it will help the spots look less harsh ,and also keep your makeup from looking “muddy” or grey from putting foundation over it. 

Here are some great options if you are looking to buy a color correcting product: 

Sheer color wand:

Green :

Primer :


Salmon ( Pinky Coral)

Sheer color wand :

Primer :

Orange : 

Color corrector inside of concealer :

Yellow : 

Sheer color wand :!/shade/Light_Boost

Lavender : 

Color correcting stick :