About Stephanie

Hi I am Stephanie, owner of Stephanie Stearnes Artistry! Before I created Stephanie Stearnes Artistry I was a young girl terrorizing the neighborhood with anyone’s mom’s makeup I could get my hands on and play with. I was never a good artist on paper, but loved the canvas of the face and hair. Makeup was and still is my first passion.

As I teen I did my friend’s makeup as well as my friends’ mothers’ makeup. I was happy anyone let me put makeup on them. My favorite artist is Bobbi Brown and she was why I dove deeper into makeup. I bought her book “Makeup for Teens” at a Scholastic book fair in 5th grade. It was then that I realized people did make up for a living and not just fun.

I felt early on that in Michigan if you wanted to be in the beauty world and be successful I had to be licensed and learn how to do both makeup and hair. I became a licensed Cosmetologist in August of 2011. From there, I worked my way through a few salons and finally came to realize I needed to do my own thing. My main focus was bridal. I noticed a lack of options for on location artists who do airbrush makeup as well as makeup with a natural approach.  

As I grew in the bridal industry I realized another issue in the beauty world. A certain group of women weren’t being serviced. While the bigger brands filled a market there are women that need one on one attention. These are women that were never taught basic makeup application, have problem areas, or due to ageing they need to update their routine. This has become a huge passion of mine and my main focus in 2019. So, I set out to develop a skincare and cosmetic line to provide a tool that was missing.

About SS Artistry

My brand’s mission is to make all women feel like their most beautiful selves. I want to be able to enhance their own beauty with not only just the tools, but the knowledge to use them. My goal is to give women the best tools, and instructions on how to use them tailored to each individual. I am striving to create a new culture in the beauty industry where women are not just sold to. I am also creating ways to implement customized beauty regimens that show the purpose of each technique, and product. I want to eliminate going home and feeling over sold, overwhelmed, or letting the products expire from never being touched. My products are unique in that they are simple to use, and you will see results right away. You don’t need heavy products or crazy marketing with over the top frills to look and feel amazing. You could use just a few of SSA’s products, and feel ready for the day. I find it especially important to make sure my products are made in America, and cruelty free.

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