Ever feel overwhelmed on how many choices there are out there for facial cleansers and the different types? In this blog is my curated guide to the different types of facial cleansers ,what they do,  and what my professional opinion on which is best and why. I will also have links to some great options . 

  1. Micellar Water Cleansers:  Micellar water cleansers can be found  in many varieties as well as many price ranges from drugstore to high end luxury brands. My personal favorite which is also a staple in my kit is the Garnier Micellar cleansing water. It is inexpensive and gets the job done!  Here is a link to Amazon and Ulta for the waterproof makeup removing option : Amazon.com  & Ulta.com . The easiest easy to explain Micellar is water mixed with oil molecules that are super tiny that help attract oil,dirt, and make up like a “magnet”. These types of cleansers are great for night time makeup removal or if you’re wanting to gently remove your makeup without having to fully “wash” your skin .  This type of cleanser is ideal for dry and sensitive skin as they don’t need too much abrasiveness to remove makeup. Just put some of the cleanser on a cotton pad and remove whatever you need. I like to use this in my kit since it is great for all different types of skin ,and it’s a quick way to cleanse a client’s skin on a job without having to worry about rinsing it off. This is a great pre- cleanse solution as well if you like to wash the face twice without irritation.  You can follow up with your regular cleanser or facial products after application. 
  2. Foam Cleansers:  Foam cleansers are lightweight cleansers that starts off as a liquid ,and as you pump it foams in your hand and foams on the face. This is the same concept as foaming hand soap.  Typically I would not recommend this for anyone as every foam cleanser I have come across tends to be full of heavy surfactants that overly strip the face . I’ve never come across one that I’ve liked, but there’s multiple on the market that you may find to work. Your skin will feel “squeaky clean” afterwards . Some may argue that it’s great for oily and combination skin types,  but I find that the more you strip the face the more oil will be sent to your skin. I will explain this more when going over Oil Cleansers at the end of this blog. Linked here are a few different brands of Foam cleansers: Simple Skincare , Kylie Skin , Elemis .  
  3. Gel Cleansers: . Gel cleanser’s are clear cleansers that slightly lather with water ,but are very consistent in the gel like consistency.  This type of Cleaner is helpful with deep cleaning ,and is also great for everyday use . It does still have some heavier surfactants, but not as much as Foam.  If you like the “squeaky clean” feel of your face without it being super dry I would suggest a gel cleanser over a foam. Here are a few options for Gel Cleansers : Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel , Clinique ,Purpose Gentle Face Wash.
  4. Cream Cleansers:  Cream cleansers are great for all different types of skin especially dry and sensitive skin  types. This option is a heavier type of cleanser. It’s usually thick and milky ,does not lather . Cream cleansers are not stripping, and extremely moisturizing. This type of cleanser almost feels like a lotion and great for all skin types.  You don’t feel like you need to immediately run for moisturizer when you’re done. Here are a few great options : Kate Sommerville , Burts Bees , Dermalogica.
  5. Clay Cleansers:  Clay  cleansers are hard to find there’s not many on the market in my opinion they are ok cleansing wise, but hard to work with.  I’ve found they are great at absorbing and purifying the skin as they help draw excess oil out of the skin and pores. If you’re extremely oily this might be your best bet as it will not overly strip and it’s not overly moisturizing.  Clay cleansers. My favorite is linked here : Dermalogica – Dermal Clay Cleanse
  6. Oil Cleansers:  Oil cleansers are my favorite and let me tell you why! This is great for all different types of skin, I highly recommend it to everyone! There are many options to choose from in the market.  Now washing with oil if you oily skin may sound a bit redundant, but skin needs natural oil‘s just as the hair needs it’s natural oils to look and feel nice. If we overly strip the skin like I discussed earlier with foam cleansers the skin says “Hey it’s getting kind of dry in here. We need to send my oil.”  This causes you to be more oily . Because I feel that oil cleansers are the best cleanser for everyone and every skin type. I choose to develop one for my brand linked here : https://shopssbeauty.com/products/oil-cleanser . When using an oil cleanser such as mine it mimics the natural oil that comes from your skin which is called “ Sebum”,which tells the skin “hey man we have enough oil going on here”.  It keeps the skin balanced, and it’s not drying at all . It’s also not overly moisturizing. Oil Cleansers are just a perfect combination for everyone! Oil cleansers are excellent at removing makeup and dirt gently .  I personally use an oil cleanser twice a day as part of my regular skincare routine.

Here are a few more options to explore: Bobbi Brown , Sonia Roselli